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• Recently, Troy was one of many local law enforcement officers involved in the development and implementation of a new CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management System) and JMS (Jail Management System) to be utilized by all emergency responders across the county. Troy will leverage the new technology to perform crime analysis and crime mapping to deploy resources in an efficient and effective manner. The goal is to continue to combat crime and reduce the overall crime rate in Monroe County.

• Troy believes in a participatory style of management. Utilizing this style of management, he will build bridges and close gaps with all first responders and employees.

• Troy will continue to develop proactive methods to address the opioid problem facing everyone in Monroe County. He will implement programs to allow our citizens the opportunity to maintain quality of life and feel safe in our community.

• Troy values citizen input and involvement. He will develop citizen surveys and focus groups to gather information and create a cause-and-effect diagram or result map to continue to provide quality law enforcement services to our citizens while meeting their expectations.

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