A vote for Goodnough for Sheriff


My name is Rick Galimberti and I worked for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for 29 years. I retired from law enforcement in 2009. In the mid-1980s, I met Troy Goodnough when he became a volunteer reserve deputy.

Troy worked alongside me in the road patrol division and I witnessed him excel at every task presented to him. Ultimately, my peers and I recommended Troy for a full time position within the sheriff’s office and he was hired as a correctional officer.

I have seen firsthand how Troy’s hard work ethic and commitment to the sheriff’s office propelled him to rise through the ranks of the agency. Troy worked many different positions within the sheriff’s office that included assignments in road patrol, the narcotics unit, the detective bureau, the auto theft unit, and traffic services. Troy eventually became a road patrol sergeant and he was later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant District Commander.

Troy is presently a major in charge of jail operations at the sheriff’s office. One of Troy’s current responsibilities is to manage a multi-million dollar correction’s budget. Troy continues to excel at serving the citizens of Monroe County by implementing cost-saving measures and getting behind revenue-generating initiatives. Troy has also spearheaded additional humanitarian programs within the Corrections Division.

On top of a solid professional relationship, I also developed a personal friendship with Troy. This friendship resulted in us working together on numerous off-duty construction projects over the years. Troy and I have built homes and pole barns together, demonstrating to me that he is not a stranger to hard physical labor.

Troy is a member of the National Rifle Association and Ducks Unlimited. Troy is also an avid outdoors man and we have gone on several hunting trips together. These factors represent to me Troy’s support of the Second Amendment.

I believe Troy Goodnough is the clear choice for Monroe County’s next sheriff. Troy has dedicated the past 30 years to enforcing the laws of our state and country. Troy’s time at the sheriff’s office has assisted in making Monroe County a safe place to live. I can assure you that Troy’s knowledge, experience, commitment and work ethic make him the best candidate for Sheriff of Monroe County.

In closing, as a Republican, I will be voting for Troy Goodnough for sheriff and I strongly encourage everyone to vote for him on Election Day this November.



Rick Galimberti








A Sheriff That “Cares”

(Recorded personal accounts from Major Troy Goodnough by: Kathleen Fox)

After spending 23 years on road patrol with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, in 2013,
Major Troy Goodnough took a position as Jail Administrator. Not long after this, Major realized
that many people in the Monroe County Jail suffered from mental illness saying, “there was a
revolving door for those that suffered from mental illness, and no tools to handle the situation”.
Major said from his perspective, these people were not getting the help they needed, so he began
reaching out to various groups and individuals equipped with the skillset to bridge the gaps in
services and treatment for those individuals suffering from mental health disorders.

He sat down with community mental health partners and said, “The money (for services
and treatment) is available we just need to leverage that money back on programs in the jail.”
The concept of partnership; with the Sheriff's Office, District Court Probation, Monroe County
Prosecutor's Office, County Defense Attorney, and the now Monroe County Mental Health
Court, developed into a program recognized across the State of Michigan.

The Major continues to participate in the annual MDHHS Mental Health and Corrections
Conference. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to present to other Sheriff’s and Jail
Administrators around the state about our Monroe County Mental Health model and the
partnership that we have with Community Mental Health. He often shares that it costs $94 a day
to put someone in prison, $62 a day in jail, and $28 a day to treat their mental health.

In 2014, Monroe County received a grant that started in 2015 for $125,000 and since
treatment was the right thing to do the Major and his partners launched the Monroe County Jail
Mental Health Program to combat the mental health crisis’ within our system. The program
enabled the jail to hire mental health staff, a clinician, and provide a peer support position.
The outcomes were tremendous according to Major Goodnough. Over 1,000 people were
identified within the first year as having mental health disorders. Through this program and with
the help of the treatment team, we were able to reduce recidivism rates (re-offense rates) from
32% to 24%, he stated “We never had anything like that happen before”. The jail division grant
offered individuals (who are someone's mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter), the tools
to be productive members of society.”

Now when entering the door all inmates are screened for mental health disorders and if
they are at risk, we initiate mental health prevention programs, such as further screening with
CMH case managers, peer support, and moral recognition therapy or MRT, and if accepted into
the Mental Health Treatment Court are provided treatment and the tools to successfully recover.


“Major Troy Goodnough is a strong advocate for mental health and substance abuse
disorder recovery and is a proven leader. He is committed to our community and known to stand
up for what is right while doing his job, enforcing the law. As a supportive member of our
community, Major Troy Goodnough is certainly a qualified candidate to hold the position as the
Monroe County Sheriff. As much as he feels fortunate to serve our community, we would feel
equally fortunate for him to hold office as our Sheriff!” - Kathleen Fox.

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